A Glimpse into Psychopathology and/or Treatment

Question/Prompt: Pick a movie that portrays a character or characters who is/are experiencing a psychologicaldisorder/mental illness. Alternatively, pick a movie that portrays an example of a certain type of therapy. Watchthe movie and then complete the following in at least 275 or more, must be in APA format:

Write a very brief summary of the movie. Give clear evidence that you watched it.Write a description of how the psychological disorder and/or the therapy was portrayed.Write a critical analysis of how accurate or inaccurate you found the portrayal of the disorder/therapy. Showevidence of your knowledge of the psychological disorder/mental illness or the type of therapy – ensure thatyou include academic support.Choose a movie from the following list:Leaving Las VegasA Clockwork OrangeWhat’s Eating Gilbert GrapeBoys Don’t CryBenny and JoonGirl InterruptedSevenMad LoveRain ManShineA Beautiful MindThe madness of King GeorgeFight ClubThe Fisher KingOne Flew over the Cuckoo’s NestSybilThe Three Faces of EveEatingThe Silence of the LambsPollockOrdinary PeopleAnalyze This/Analyze ThatFinal AnalysisIdentity

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The post A Glimpse into Psychopathology and/or Treatment

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