A thor- oughly libertarian America

Would you want to live in such a society? Would your life be better or worse init? What would you like or dislike most about this social system? Overall, would peoplebe better or worse off in a thor- oughly libertarian America?You will have to read what i have in quotations and answer what i wrote in the topic part“Imagine char rheUnited Scares has evolved into a liberrarian paradise. The govern- menr is small, charged only ,virh the limitedfunctions of protecting society and economic systems from coercion and fraud. All other social and economicbenefits are the responsibility ofindividuals. People have maximum freedom ro pursue their economic goalswithout interference from the government. Taxes are extremely lo,v, raised only to fund the military andwhatever forces are needed ro secure people’ssocial and economic rights. There are no entitlement programs-no Social Secur- ity, no Medicare, no healthcare programs, no studenr loans, no welfure systems ofany kind. Government regulation of business is minimal, as is consumer prorec- tion. There are no minimumwage la,vs and no government attempts ro redistribute wealth or to help rhe poor, disabled, disadvantaged, orelderly.”

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The post A thor- oughly libertarian America

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