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Roles and responsibilities for tasks to be performed for Android app developmentProject information : Web application collaborates Work activities of the various departments is developed. Now Android mobile application to be created which workers can use to input data. These data will synchronize and will collaborate with web application dashboard at which will be used by Manager to control activities. Web application has functionality which can create and assign tasks for workers. Mobile app will capture actual data which workers have entered during and after task completion. Now these data will be available at Web application for reviewing work performance and task completion status.

Create roles and responsibilities for below tasks which Android application developer and IT persons have to perform, 8 to 10 roles/responsibilities are required for each task. Also, List technologies used for each tasks.

Complete Functional Design Document (FDD) and Technical Design document (TDD) for Android application developmentDevelopment for Android applicationUnit testing for Android ApplicationUser Acceptance testing for Android application.

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