Blood Donation

Did you know that there at least 24 different blood groups and that your red blood cells (RBCs) have more than 100 antigens that can be detected on their surfaces? A blood transfusion can save countless lives each year. Although there are many different antigens on RBCs, ABO and Rh blood typing is always performed prior to blood transfusions because these antigens cause the most fatal transfusion incidents.

Use your textbook readings and other reliable resources to research these topics in further detail. Then, in your main post, answer the following discussion questions:

Describe the different types of blood transfusions.Have you donated blood? If so, describe your experience. If not, explain whether you would or would not donate blood and why.Consider what would happen if a blood mismatch occurs and a patient with type B blood receives a transfusion of type A blood.What is “Golden Blood” blood type and why is it so precious?Explain why those with type AB blood are considered “universal recipients” and those with type O blood are considered “universal donors”.

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