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Hello I have attatched the course material for you to use and please write a small 2 sentences explaining the business you are going to open then only write 200 -220 words max to answer the questions please answer to the point without going into un needed details, here are the instructions and thank you

Dear student:You are preparing to start-up your business. You are going to consider the e-commerce channel in this business. Write not more than 200 word, describing the following:

Why you choose this type of business that you are going to enroll in? (2-marks).How the 8-features of e-commerce will be applied on the recommended business? (8-marks)Is the infrastructure of e-commerce in your business well suited for M-commerce & Social-Commerce? (4-marks)Justify the 8-key elements of the business model in your business model? (8-marks)Unfortunately, you have not enough capital to start your business, explain how you are going to raise the capital? (3-marks)

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