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General video on the business value of IT (to better explain the purpose of IT): Statement: Review the case-study overview and incorporate the information into this section. Include the type of business we are in, background, and the current economic climate. Ensure that you list information that notes all terminals/locations, fleet location, a breakdown of the fleet numbers and the current revenue/financial information as well as future financial goals for the company. Revenue should be noted in the correct format of a $ followed by the number; financial goals as the number in numeric format followed by a % sign. Writing out the words dollars and percent are not correct format (nor is the number written out in words).Business Strategic Objectives: Under the Administration section of the case study, the three new strategies are underlined. List them with an elaboration on each. Add one not listed/related to the three and discuss it. There are also three federal and state mandates listed which can be considered and incorporated as your new strategic objective. Do not discuss the use of technology anywhere in this table; technology will be presented in the ITSP #2 assignment.Links on sample company strategies/strategic plans:o FedEx: County of San Diego IT Strategy: United States Office of Personnel Management Strategic Information Technology Plan: University of Maryland Strategic Plan: How to Write Strategic Plans:• Information on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirementso Work Truck Magazine, 2013, New FMCSA Hours-of-Service Enforcement Set for July 1: FMCSA, Electronic Logging Device Information:• Information on the Sarbanes-Oxley Acto Sarbanes-Oxley Act:

IT Vision & Mission Statement: please review the formatting presented in the instructions. It must be used. The IT Mission Statement should be current, general goals, of the IT Department. It should not name specific systems. This should refer to what the IT Department does today and for the immediate future for the company employees and customers. Current goals should allude to a current to 1-year time period.The IT Vision Statement should be future, general goals of the IT Department. It should not name specific systems. Future goals are usually 3 – 5 years into the future. This should discuss what the department wants IT to be for the company employees and customers in the future.The statements must be written in full sentences. Again, they should not be from the perspective of the company, but from the IT Department.• Links on writing mission statements:o Answer 4 Questions to Get a Great Mission Statement: Sample Team / Departmental Mission Statements: IT Mission, Vision and Values Statements – FedEx Mission:

Governance: Please ensure that you cover: a.The participants must be specific roles of personnel within the company. In the past, students have noted controllers, investors, stakeholders, etc. which are not specific personnel; b. each participant’s role on the IT governance board (not their general company role); c. Governance methodology chosen: we haven’t fully covered this year, but research ITIL and CoBIT (you can use others) and explain in your own words (not quotations from sources) why you feel the specific methodology that you choose may the best methodology that GGFRT can use, given their situation (you can incorporate theory but most of the content should be in your own words); d. general responsibilities of an IT governance board (a source should be cited); and, e. how will the company prioritize projects? You should not name specific systems being planned. This will include (1) criteria that can be used to prioritize their projects (at least 3) and (2) a specific prioritization tool where criteria can be weighted to determine a project’s priority (research may need to be completed and a source cited.• Links on governance:o Think Tank: Better IT Governance: IT Governance Definition and Solutions: Five important guidelines for business technology governance: IT Governance Institute: Board Briefing on IT Governance, 2nd Edition (w/COBIT): COBIT 5 2019: A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT: Benefits of ITIL: of Current IT Systems: This should discuss only the three current systems in use (none of the planned systems) at the company. For Column 3, this is the strategic goal from Section 2 of the paper. However, if you did not choose, for example, adhering to SOX compliance as your new business strategic objective, it is still a business strategic objective so the current Finance/Accounting System entry can note SOX compliance in this column. You should not number this column with the business strategic objective, it needs to be briefly stated (not fully written out). For the last column, only IT resources/personnel and IT equipment should be noted, not users of the solution. Write a brief introductory paragraph prior to the table, introducing the content in the table.All table headings must be fully inserted into your document.External Research: sources must be in APA format and incorporated in the proper format into the content of your document. For proper APA, sources must appear on their own page and be listed in alphabetic order.Formatting: the paper must follow the exact format as spelled out on pages 3 – 4. Tables must be fully pasted into your assignment. Any other formatting will constitute a deduction. Correct spelling/grammar must be adhered to as well as proper capitalization where appropriate and content written in full sentences. Proper spacing (double for content, single within a table) must be followed. At the bottom of page 3 notes requirements for a title page, which must be included.Introductory Paragraphs: Any introductory paragraphs should be presented thoroughly and not just simple statements like “The table presented below shows the Inventory of Current IT Systems”. Explain and elaborate upon the content that is presented in the table.

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