Clinical Diagnosis

Bobby was hospitalized 6 days ago for appendicitis. After an appendectomy following a perforated appendix, he now has an open incision requiring BID dressing changes and contact isolation due to a hospital acquired MRSA infection.

Erikson’s stage of development: Answers all of the following questions adequately: 1. What stage of development is this child in? 2. What are the potential adverse outcomes for a child who doesn’t solve the crisis in this stage of development?

Communications fear play consideration :Describes THREE nursing considerations with rationales keeping in mind client centered care regarding communication, play, and fear for Bobby during this hospitalization?

Questions to ask: Describes THREE questions the nurse should ask Bobby that are written as the nurse would say them and developmentally appropriate.?

Nursing diagnosis and smart goal: Based on the information in the Discussion the student correctly identifies ONE nursing diagnosis (and all required parts) AND identifies ONE goal written in SMART format?

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