Clinical Research Report

Alignment with learning outcomes: This assignment focuses on the following Learning Objectives: 1,3,4,6 & 7.Unit LOs:Relate their knowledge of personality, biological processes and human development to abnormal behaviour;Contrast historical and current major theoretical perspectives of abnormal behaviour;Attain insight into the way the theoretical perspective adopted by a clinician can influence the manner ofexplaining how a psychological disorder develops and how it is treated;Demonstrate familiarity with methods of assessing psychological disorders and the main systems of classifyingdisorders;Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of classifying abnormal behaviour;Describe the major types of psychological disorders and the major therapeutic approaches to abnormalbehaviour; andAttain an advanced level of skill in critical evaluation of previous research andpsychological report writing.Details of task: This assignment will be a Clinical Case Study Report where students will be required to write afabricated case study based upon one specific disorder to be chosen from:childhood disorderspersonality disordersanxiety disordersmood disorders.Students will write a Clinical Report based on the details of the fabricated case study.In class, students will be provided an opportunity to discuss diagnostic approaches (ICD10, DSM-V &experiential judgement), the mental state examination (MSE) and the structure of the clinical case study reportwith their tutor and peers.

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