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Your health care organization has had several small compliance incidents in the past two years, and theorganization is now motivated to update its compliance program. Your executive leadership team asked you toreview two health care compliance programs from similar organizations to determine how they constructedtheir compliance program and what aspects your organization should adopt.Select the type of health care organization you want represented in this assignment (e.g., family practice,hospital, urgent care, or nursing home).Locate two compliance program documents from comparable health care organizations using your internetsearch engine.Read both compliance program documents and examine the similarities and differences between the two.Create a matrix that compares how both organizations execute the following compliance components:-How internal monitoring and auditing is conducted-How compliance and practice standards are implemented-The designated compliance officer (or person designated to be the contact for compliance matters), who thatperson reports to, and their relationship to the organization’s governing board-How employees are trained and educated to model compliant behaviors-How violations or offenses are detected, reported, and corrected-How lines of communication with employees is developed-How disciplinary standards are enforcedWrite a 525- to 700-word executive summary that informs your executive leadership about the matrix youcreated and offer your opinion as to which best practices the organization should adopt for its own complianceprogram.Cite the 2 compliance program documents and any additional references that support your opinion (e.g., tradeor industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).Examples of a matrix are belowMatrix examples.docxFormat your assignment according to APA guidelines.Preferred language style  Simple US English(Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

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