Comprehensive Risk Management Analysis and Plan

Identify a risk, its factors, and develop a risk management planto combat potential issues that can arise. Every two years the GovernmentAccountability Office (GAO) establishes a list of agencies and program areas that arehigh risk due to various vulnerabilities.

Identify a risk (ex. political, environmental, social, organizational, etc.).Discuss the factors that have caused the potential for the risk.Include a proposal to mitigate the risk.Explain how a risk management plan will be developed.Develop a risk management plan that includes the following:a. The stagesb. Local implicationsc. International implicationsd. Implications on citizense. Government intervention to assist citizensf. Political implicationsg. Financial implicationsh. Ethical implicationsi. Stakeholdersj. Communication methodsk. Technology and toolsDiscuss potential issues that may arise after the crisis

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