Conducting a Diagnostic Interview With a Mental Status Exam

To prepare:Watch the video describing an MSE. Then watch the Sommers-Flanagan (2014) “Mental Status Exam” videoclip.Watch the “Suicide Assessment Interview” segment starting at 01:44:37. This is the interview with Tommi,which will be used for the Discussion.Watch the “Mental Status Examination” segment starting at 01:22:23. This is the case of Carl, which will beused for the Application.Make sure to take notes on the nine domains of the interview.Review the Morrison (2014) reading on the elements of a diagnostic interview.Review the 9 Areas to evaluate for a Mental Status Exam and example diagnostic summary write-up providedin this Week’s resources.Review the case example of a diagnostic summary write-up provided in this Week’s resources.Write up a Diagnostic Summary including the Mental Status Exam for Carl based upon his interview with Dr.Sommers-Flanagan.By Day 7Submit a 2- to 3-page case presentation paper in which you complete both parts outlined below:Part I: Diagnostic Summary and MSEProvide a diagnostic summary of the client, Carl. Within this summary include:Identifying Data/Client demographicsChief complaint/Presenting ProblemPresent illnessPast psychiatric illnessSubstance use historyPast medical historyFamily historyMental Status Exam (Be professional and concise for all nine areas)AppearanceBehavior or psychomotor activityAttitudes toward the interviewer or examinerAffect and moodSpeech and thoughtPerceptual disturbancesOrientation and consciousnessMemory and intelligenceReliability, judgment, and insightPart II: Analysis of MSEAfter completing Part I of the Assignment, provide analysis and demonstrate critical thought (supported byreferences) in your response to the following:Identify any areas in your MSE that require follow-up data collection.Explain how using the cross-cutting measure would add to the information gathered.Do Carl’s answers add to your ability to diagnose him in any specific way? Why or why not?Would you discuss a possible diagnosis with Carl at this point in time? Why?

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