Confidential Informants

Reflect on one of the assigned topics in criminal evidence law (below). Is there some aspect of the topic thatyou think is particularly good or bad? You may be thinking of policies you know of that are working very well,that are unsuccessful, or that are successful but potentially come at a higher cost than you think is necessary.It is important that you not try to write about the topic itself, but rather about a manageable aspect of it that youcan cover effectively in six to eight pages.Whatever the topic you choose, you should be able to make a clear argument in support or against it. It is notenough to simply regurgitate the textbook; you should try to make your own argument. You are perfectly free todisagree with your instructor, your textbook, or your classmates, so long as you support your arguments withlogic and evidence.State a clear and specific thesis that expresses the issue and your position or solution.

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