“Coronavirus Has Changed School Forever, Let’s Make It an Improvement,”

In Arne Duncan’s and Rey Saldana’s opinion piece, “Coronavirus Has Changed School Forever, Let’s Make Itan Improvement,” they argue that “[i]t’s time to re-imagine public education not just to face the pandemic, but toeliminate racial and economic inequities we’ve long known about.” They envision four possible and criticalchanges: the school calendar, personalizing education, competency matters (not seat time), or supportingstudents’ non-academic needs. Research one they mention, or one you feel school districts need to adopt, andwrite an essay arguing for that change. Use research and strong examples to support your argument. Nopersonal examples.Include the sources below:Annotated Bibliography: Education in 2020Duncan, A. and Saldana, R., 2020. In The Time Of COVID-19 And Protests: We Need To Change Schools.[online] usatoday. Available at: [Accessed 15 September 2020].This article gives us an overview of many aspects involving the changes of attending school during thepandemic. Arne Duncan and Rey Saldana argue to reimagine the public education not just to face thepandemic, but to eliminate racial and economic inequities we have long known about. They envision fourpossible and critical changes: the school calendar, personalizing education, competency matters, or supportingstudents’ nonacademic needs. Arne Duncan is managing partner at Chicago CRED, a nonprofit that connectsyoung men to jobs and opportunity, and the author of “How Schools Work. I will be able to support myargument that supporting a students’ nonacademic needs could help a student get through the crisis’ in 2020.McShane, M., 2020. Off-Campus Login. [online] Go-gale-com.delmar.idm.oclc.org. Available at: [Accessed 15September 2020].This article is very specific in the information it entails, which demonstrates the difficulties that many studentshave during school days. The article shows how valuable nonprofit organizations like Communities in Schoolsis for students. Research on their effectiveness reveals an open question: while integrated supports may helpmeet students’ physical and emotional needs, their ability to improve student learning remains unproven.Researchers and practitioners have made “critical correlations” between key elements of integrated studentsupports, such as student engagement and student learning, for example, and between self-regulation andacademic success, says Brooke Stafford-Brizard, a director at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. And yet wheneverything comes together, the result underwhelms. The findings in this article help support my claim thatsupporting a child’s nonacademic needs may not help a student academically but is still valuable to the studentsand students’ families.

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The post “Coronavirus Has Changed School Forever, Let’s Make It an Improvement,”

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