“Cultural citizenship”

Define “cultural citizenship” in your own words.

What are the characteristics of the “comic shaman”?

Based on the readings, what are two points Krefting and Mintz would agree upon? Be specific and use one quote from each to ground your answer.

Mintz published his article nearly 35 years before Krefting’s book. This means Krefting added to the arguments Mintz made so many years prior. Based on the reading, offer 6-8 sentences explaining what specifically Krefting added to the study of standup comedy’s cultural value.

Standup comedy is a very, very new art form. Mintz offers some insight to the art’s roots. What are some of the ‘ancestors’ of contemporary standup comedy?

What are three of the characteristics of ‘charged humor’? Describe thoroughly.

Because you have already read the articles on the first assignment, these questions should be eassier for you.

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The post “Cultural citizenship”

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