Cultural Meaning in Advertising

Read the article “The Cultural Meanings in Products & Brands” located under the Content Tab…Course Home.


Locate a current ancient cultural symbol used in modern advertising. Do NOT use Nike, Disney, or Starbucks as your company.In a 3 page paper discussing the symbol you have chosen. Analyze and draw out the meaning connections you believe the symbol is likely to create in a consumer’s mind.Use the APA Style format. This is a research paper and should include an introduction, body content, and a conclusion. In addition, use in-text citations. Your second required text will help with your writing.Use Arial font, 12 point size.Include a Reference Page, correctly formatted according to APA. Under the Content Tab, there are a couple of websites that will help with this.Grammar is very important in research writing under the Content Tab…Course home you will find a List of Common Grammar Errors. Review this list prior to writing your paper.

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