Data Analysis Project

Write a brief final report describing your research plan andanticipated results. As an appendix, you MUST INCLUDE a table summarizing your DV, IVs, and other control variables to your final report, and submit your report(s) electronically. Write the report for someone who knows basic probability and statistics, but who does not know (or care) anything about how your model is designed. In other words, you must describe each variable and summarize what you would do based on the anticipated regression results.REQUIREMENTS FOR FINAL REPORTThe steps in your project will include:SECTION CONTENTSIntroduction Defining a business problem to be examined and stating the purpose of thestudy.Hypothesis Establishing research hypotheses. The total number of hypotheses must beequals to or greater than your group size. However, your individual finalreport will contain your hypothesis/hypotheses only.Model Describing how you designed your model. Explaining variables, approximatesample size, anticipated results, and rationales behind your anticipation.Conclusion Discussing what business decisions would be reasonable based on theanticipated regression results.MILESTONESo Interim Report: Submit a brief proposal of what you plan to run a regression, and “whatbusiness questions you’ll address with your model.” An upload area for this will be set upin Sakai. One student per group will submit one interim report in PDF.o Presentation: Present each of four sections and answer to audiences’ questions. All teammembers have to present.o Final Report: Submit a final individual report. You must describe what you would dowith the anticipated results, and include a table summarizing information of variables inyour model as appendices (with references or other supplements if necessary). Use yourown words.FORMAT12-point font; Times New Roman or equivalent; double-spaced; 1-inch margin; 2 page notincluding appendix (e.g., a table of summary, references, graphs); include your CIDs; onlinesubmission; an APA style reference listExample:Summary of VariablesVariable Variable Name VariableType Definition/Description ExpectedSignPossible DataSourceY Prepaymentrate DVMonthly prepaymentof mortgage loans inone pool of mortgagebacked security issuedin 2010Ginnie MaeX1 Prepaymentpenalty IV1 = if there is aprepayment penalty0 = if there is noprepayment penalty− Ginnie MaeZ1 Spread CVMortgagerate−Averagemortgage market rate+ Maturity CV Monthly age ofmortgage loans − Ginnie MaeZ3 Credit rating CV Average credit rate − Ginnie MaeZ4 Unemployment CV Unemployment rate −/+Bureau of LaborStatistics Changes inhouse prices CV Percentage change ofHousing Price index +Federal HousingFinance Agency model has to contain at least seven variables including one dependent variable and at least one independent variable.

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