Data and Its Restoration

850 – 1,500 words using APA formatting 7th edition, including title and reference pagesInclude biblical foundations application (500 words)Minimum of 6 scholarly referencesAt a minimum, your paper should address the following items:Explain the particular legal issue in detail.Discuss those case decisions that are relevant to deciding your particular legal issue. Besure to include all cases—pro and con.Compare and contrast common law principles to the controlling cyberlaw (if alreadyestablished).Discuss articles and other research materials related to your topic.Identify at least five (5) Scriptures that relate to your topic.Compare how a Christian would handle the issue as compared to secular society.Writing RequirementsYour research paper should meet the following requirements:Be concise and well written.Meet the required number of pages. The minimum number must be met and you will bepenalized for deficiencies. The cover sheet does not count as a page. The bibliographyof all sources does not count as a page. The maximum number is a guideline. However,you may exceed the maximum slightly, without penalty, if necessary to convey you.

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