Data visualizations

Start with your dataset that you selected for the Select and Submit Data Set exercise from Sunday night(attached). Once you’ve examined this data and decided on the point you want to make, you’ll want to create three, separate data visualizations to further your point. These visualizations will be incorporated in your visual report, due this Sunday.

Once these visuals are created, for this exercise you’ll line them up as a sort of “storyboard” that expresses the overall point you’re making in the visual report (assuming the order of your visuals helps elaborate on or further prove this point), writing a little to describe each and how it goes about furthering your main idea.

InstructionsTo complete this exercise, you should have your dataset and also should have drafted your three data visualizations. You will now create a “storyboard” to visually plan how you will integrate visuals into the argument of the deliverable to create a “story” or argument.

Step 1—Briefly describe or sketch each visual you are planningDescribe your argument or point of the entire report—what do all of these visualizations mean?Outline your argument or point, visual by visual. Feel free to headings to help you outline.Step 2—

Put the visuals in the order that best makes your point to create a storyboard that connects planned visuals to the overall “story” or point you are making

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