Disability Research

The research paper MUST pertain to a disability or health condition mentioned in class/the textbook. Topics must be approved by the instructor on a first come, first serve basis. For your convenience, a grading rubric specific for the research paper is available on Blackboard and should be used as a guide throughout the completion of your disability research paper. The disability research paper is worth a total of 50 points. The disability research paper is due December 2nd.

The APA-style (7th edition) disability research paper must include:

A) TitleB) AbstractC) Body of paper (sample headings):a. Importance of the disability / health conditioni. Etiologyii. Percentage of individuals in the U.S. and/or globally with this conditioniii. Impact of society on the cause of the disability / health conditionb. Description of disability / health conditioni. In detail, describe the physiological changes that take place in the bodyc. Medical management of the conditioni. Techniques used to diagnose the conditionii. Treatments and/or interventions (i.e., PT, OT, speech therapy, behavioral services, etc.)iii. Medicationsiv. Surgical ProceduresD) Physical, psychological, and social challenges related to disability / health conditionE) Conclusion/future directionsF) References (6 minimum) Students must cite each of these six references in the body of your research paper. ALL references must be from recent professional, peer-reviewed journal articles and/or scientific/academic books.

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