Distracting techniques to use in front of an audience.

PowerPoint is the easiest of the applications we’ve used so far, yet it carries the highest visual impact. Whencreating a presentation, it can be very easy to use distracting techniques that negatively affect our presentationin front of an audience. From THE LIST OF DISTRACTIONS below, select 1 distraction from the list anddescribe how or why it could be a distracting technique to use in front of an audience.More than 1 student may choose the same distraction from THE LIST below – that is fine, no problem at all.THE LIST OF DISTRACTIONSTextColorSound / MusicClipart / PicturesTransitionsBulleting (displaying all the bullets at the same time on a slide)Navigating slides (not knowing how to run a presentation)AnimationsTime of day (when not to schedule an office meeting)Not using a Theme

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The post Distracting techniques to use in front of an audience.

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