“Dog” and “Understanding Owls”

discussion asks you to think about how the authors of “Dog” and “Understanding Owls” use elements ofnarration.The assigned chapter on narration in Back to the Lake describes several techniques that writers use to develop personal narratives, includinganecdotes, dialogue, and concrete details. Choose a short passage (100-200 words) from one of the assigned essays (“Dog” or “UnderstandingOwls”) and write two or three paragraphs explaining how the author uses one or more of these techniques in the passage.Use the below questions as starting point for your analysis:What details are included in the passage. How do these details contribute to our understanding of the setting or characters? How do they develop thecentral point of the essay?If the passage you’ve chosen includes an anecdote, how does the anecdote contribute to our our understanding of characters’ backgrounds,personalities and/or motivations? How does it develop the central point of the essay?If the passage you’ve chosen includes dialogue, how does the dialogue contribute to our understanding of characters’ backgrounds, personalitiesand/or motivations? Pay particular attention to the specific language that characters use.Does the author incorporate any humor into the passage you’ve chosen? If so, how?

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The post “Dog” and “Understanding Owls”

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