Domestic Extremism and Terrorism

Write a graduate level research paper on the two domestic extremist or terrorist organizations with in-depthprofile of both groups and compare and contrast them. You will also address counter violent extremismprograms and techniques that you think would help address both types of threats. As with the week 2assignment, one group must be right wing, and the other left wing. So, you will be writing a research paper thatprovides a description of each organization including their ideology, goals & objectives, political actions,propaganda techniques, and specifics of their violent actions. You must also address their recruitment andradicalization process. While profiling each group, or towards the end of your paper you will compare andcontrast the two selected groups. Finally, you will address counter violent extremism frameworks that yourresearch indicates would be effective against both groups.As mentioned in the week 2 assignment, we are looking only at extremists inspired by domestic causes withinthe U.S., from both the left wing and right wing. The FBI generally describes domestic extremist causes orideology by listing the following threat categories; and you will pick one group from each of these 2 categories

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