Early America 1492-1877

Using examples from 1790 to 1860, consider the problem of expansion in United States history, both internaland external. This is an open-ended question. You may refer to literal territorial expansion by the settlement offrontiers, or by seizure of territory in war, or by the formal addition of territories and states. You may also referto internal expansion by development, increase in population, urban density, and variety. Questions you mightconsider include: How was land added to the Union? How were different groups involved or affected inexpansion processes? What different kinds of frontiers existed? How was the process in the original NorthwestTerritory different from that in the Southern States? How was Iowa different from Texas, or California, or theNorthwest Territory? What was experienced by typical frontier settlers, enslaved people, Indians, immigrantstraveling from Europe to the frontiers, prospectors, canal diggers? What were the experiences of differentgroups as cities grew? You may also consider how these experiences were not always the same, but changedthrough different times.You are a time traveler. You pop into one or two specific places in North America around the year 1796.Then you skip to one or two places in the territory of the United States about fifty years later, around the yearDescribe and compare material cultures and ways of life. Describe some of the kinds of people (groups)and common beliefs you encounter in each era.

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