EHR : Using Clinical Decision Support Tools

Background: Evidence Care is making their COVID-19 decision support and documentation tools available forfree to help healthcare organizations document and triage patients in accordance with current best practices.We will be using the rapid assessment for the Emergency Department Tool. In 2-3 pages double spaced with atleast 3 external citations navigate the assessment and evaluation for a patient who is 62 years old, male, andwho is presenting to the emergency room short of breath and with low oxygen saturation levels. The patienthas recently traveled and has recently visited his mother at a skilled nursing facility 9 days ago. The patient hasa fever, and as mentioned before is short of breath.In your answer to the following questions. In addition provide a copy of the documentation provided at the endof the assessment pathway – “copy to clipboard and paste into your word document”.Question 1 Assessment Section – What assessment steps should healthcare organizations be taking? Forexample which steps in the assessment require institutional policies and procedures vs. what steps are moreclinical in nature.Question 2 Evaluation Section – Given the example patient information given above which boxes should beselected and what relevant information should be collected in “structured” format. ie heart rate, weight, or otherphysiological measurements. Remember this tool only creates a free text output at the end and additionaldecision tools will require entry of discrete data.Question 3 – What steps, polices, or procedures would you put in place to improve or bring the current tool intoconformance with current guidelines?Question 4 – Copy and paste your documentation notes generated at the end of the tool and submit your

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