Employee Management System

Use variables, functions, and control structures to improve the “View all Employees” functionality you developed in Week 3 and utilize functions and the passing of parameters to add two new functionalities to your Employee Management System.

Update the “View all Employees” functionality you have developed in Week 3 to view the result in the following format:

—————————- Mike Smith —————————–

SSN: 123123123

Phone: 111-222-3333

Email: mike@g’mail.com

Salary: $6000

—————————- Sara Smith —————————–

SSN: 123123111

Phone: 111-222-4444

Email: sara@gmail.com

Salary: $6500

Now you will continue to employ the list data structure and utilize functions to add the following two new functions:

Search employee by SSN: This functionality makes use of looping and string parsing to search all the employees in the list and returns the information of the employee who has a SSN similar to the one that the user provided. Your system should display the employee information in the following format:—————————- Mike Smith —————————–

SSN: 123123123

Phone: 111-222-3333

Email: mike@gmail.com

Salary: $6000

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