Enhanced communication practices

This writing assignment allows you to use readings, videos, classroom discussions, and your own lifeexperience to create enhanced communication practices. Communication in theory is important, butconstructing new practices and policies of communication can help you make real changes for yourself andthose around you.The Assignment:Write a response to the following prompt — based on your own experience with the applicable concepts:Think about someone who is very close or best friend. Consider the investments you and your friend havemade in the relationship. Write an essay that explains how you would build and communicate investment, trust,acceptance, and closeness within a new friendship. Are the dynamics of this new friendship you are designingconsistent with those identified by researchers as discussed in this chapter? Why or why not?Acceptable Length:This essay should be at least 300-350 words and be made up of a clear introduction, body, and conclusionparagraphs.

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