Executive Summary Report

In this assignment, you will create an executive summary based on a set of data provided by your instructor.You will begin by writing and executing an R script in order to gather the information required to complete yourreport. Then you will write an Executive Summary specified in the rest of the assignment.There are two aspects of this assignment as follows:A. Provide an analysis of the descriptive characteristics of the data provided by yourinstructor as instructed in the Dataset Instruction document. Include R console screenshots to support yourobservations and conclusions.B. Finally, provide a clear two to three sentence paragraph summary of the key points that you want theaudience to walk away with regarding your work. You should include discussions regarding the topics in thismodule such as data types found in the data set, and the types of statistics and visual displays that may beuseful in analyzing the data (based on the data types). This summary should present an accurate analysis and besupported by the data presented in the rest of the report.What to submit :Key findings of the data based on the Dataset Instruction document. Includethe following:a. A scatter plot of the Sales ~ temp datab. The mean temperaturec. Display the data after steps 6 and 7d. Display the names vectore. Display the 5 rows by 2 columns of 10 integersf. Display the icSales data frameg. Display the summary of the sales data frameh. Display the variables only from the Student.csv data set.i. A summary of the information you learned about the data sets based on theinstructions you followed.

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