Expert (SME) Report

Draw on a real-life public or non-profit human resource issue that is currently in the news, and assume that as a result of your research you have become the subject matter expert (SME) for this HR topic. Good sources for this can be,,,,,; etc., Feel free to use the popular media as well. (minimum of five articles) . Please do not use wikis, blogs, politically motivated websites or dictionaries as sources. In addition, you can use books, websites (Federal OPM, OHR), or BLS might be good to review as well as individual state HR sites) or any other authentic sources. You may augment the popular literature review with additional peer reviewed journal articles.

Build your literature review on the real-life news topic you chose to explore by researching relevant issues.As you read, make note of the following:• Identify the author’s thesis. What is she arguing for/against? Identify the context of the argument.• Why is he/she arguing this? Do they offer a solution to the problem(s) they raise?• Does it seem plausible?

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