Fashion and textile design

Need to make an assessment of Fashion and textile Design according to specific requirements and topics. In general, select three artifacts according to the requirements and write a report of 1800-2000 words and a concept mapThis is the brief requirement:


In this assessment students conduct a focused research project reflecting on the cultural significance and relationships between THREE design artefacts. During this assessment students expand analytical and research skills, which are essential in starting to develop ideas underpinning individual design practices. This assessment task engages a mixture of approaches to the presentation of ideas, which allows students to develop visual, oral and written communication skills.


This research project is an opportunity for students to undertake a research project led by their own interests. During the project you will research and analyse THREE related design artefacts. Thisresearch will be presented as a research report (1800 – 2000 words) discussing the formal qualitiesand social context of your chosen design artefacts. The written submission will be accompanied by aconcept map visualising the ideas you have researched and developed.

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