FBI’s Crime in the United States

Using the FBI’s Crime in the United States: Uniform Crime Reports from 2016 (available here), calculate crimerates per 100,000 people for at least 2 crimes for Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth (these are all cities in Texas).One crime should be property-related, and the other crime should come from Part I of the index (major andviolent offenses). For example, do rates of auto theft differ in these three places? Which is the most dangerousfor leaving unparked cars based on the data you find? What are one or two factors that may be related to thedifference in rates for these crimes that you have chosen? Of course, you cannot use auto theft as your crimenow, but this should provide you with a model for completing this assignment.Use either APA or ASA style to cite your sources (textbook and UCR reports) both in-line and the full citation atthe end of the post. Please type your response using correct spelling, grammar, and syntax.

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