Filming a commercial

For this assignment, you will be writing AND filming a commercial. Your written assignment must be a MINIMUM of 400 words. You may have to read ahead in your textbook to complete this assignment. Your assignment needs to be in PARAGRAPH form, but I also want you to submit a NUMBERED response to the following 6 commercial requirements AND underline and/or bold when you mention the following within your commercial:

Name of business/organizationLength of commercialUSP-Unique Selling PointTarget audienceLocation of business or contact informationType of commercialExample:

Business Name: WRXP Broadcast NetworkCommercial Length: 60 sec.Unique Selling Point: Our engaging morning show.Target Audience: Men and women, local, ages 34-45, etc.Business Location and Contact Information: Birmingham, Ala., 205-555-555, 1305 Westville Road 32459Type of Commercial: Sale

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