Five Love Languages

Watch the provided video about the Five Love Languages, take the Five Love Languages quiz, and write aninstructional essay in response. Specifically, write an instructional essay to yourself, wherein you list the 5 lovelanguages, identify and explain your own primary love language (based on your highest score), and instructyour future self on how you should advocate for yourself in future (or current) romantic relationships. Usepersonal examples from your life and information from our class (readings, videos, discussion, and lectures) toexplain to the future you how you should adjust your own communication style and preferences to bestcommunicate love to people whose primary love languages are different from yours. Address how you shouldaddress all five of the love languages in these instructions.You can take the quiz at this link: (opens in new window)Use at least three (3) terms or concepts from the chapter (Wood, 2020) and make them bold in your response.Cite the sources that you use to back-up the thesis of your paper in APA style. This includes in-text citationsand a References list.CHAPTER 11 IN TEXTThis will require that you develop a clear thesis statement, and support it with research and organizedthoughts. Cite the sources that you use to back-up the thesis of your paper in APA style. You should cite thetext book (Wood, 2020), resources in this module, and any other research that you do to expand yourknowledge on the subject. This includes in-text citations and a References page.

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