Free will and Utilitarian ethics

Define and discuss two of the following principles Free will and Utilitarian ethics 2. Current Professional Progress a.Show how the two principles from above have affected your current professional progress 3. Future Professional Success a. Show how the two principles from above will guide your future professional success 4. Required number of PowerPoint slides a.10 (breakdown-see below) i.1 title slide ii.8 body slides iii.1 reference slide 1.Our Waller textbook must be used as a reference Waller, B.N.(2011). Consider ethics: Theory, readings, and contemporary issues (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN-13: 9780205017737 a. Both in-text citation and post-text references required 5.Create a PowerPoint narration that you would use to present the slides in front of a group a. Include the narration either on the notes area of each slide or include a separate MS Word document with the narration included. i.There must be a standalone narration. Do not fill the slides up with your narration, since doing so will make your PowerPoint confusing and difficult to read. 6.You may include graphics or other visual aids to enhance your presentation.

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