GB childhood education assignment requires you to view the YouTube and affords you the opportunity to become informed about federally mandated laws and how important research is in the field of ECSE, the theory, development and philosophy, and early intervention is in ECSE. The focus question is “What are the effects of placing a child as Peter in a regular education class”? major points from the article and include your personal thoughts.

GB 115 (2)

Do I have a good knowledge base in child development?

GB 115 (3)

Discuss the following key words as it deals with guidance and classroom management in children

1.Responsiveness- is being able to react quickly to the child and understanding the childs development levels.

2.Demandingness- understanding and setting boundaries, limits, and expectations.

3.Authoritative- combination of high demandingness and high responsiveness considered a positive approach.

4.Authoritarian-caregivers very often have a negative impact on childrens development and low responsiveness.

5.Indulgent Permissive-combination of low demandingness and high responsiveness person choose to be permissive

Uninvolved/permissiveness-unengaged caregivers using ineffective discipline also teachers or parents with permissive style do not make many demands

GB 115 (4)

What is responsiveness?

What is demandingness?

GB 115 (5)

Explain in your own words what a theory about child development is, and what it is not.

GB 115 (5)

teachers three things before they can guide children effectively. Discuss the importance of each.

Knowledge- Understand characteristics of children’s develoment

Skills-Need to know how to use a variety of positive guidance strategies

Attitude-Willingness to use appropriate guidance strategies.

GB 261

What are blended families and how can you help a child coming from a blended family?

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