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Please view all portions of the video “Breaking Point: Heroin in America” on the Opioid Crisis in the United States. The video can be viewed at:
or YOU TUBE Videos “20/20” Breaking Point Heroin in America -full episode 55:21

Answer the following questions: 1).After viewing the video, why do you believe there is an opioid crisis in America? 2) What are opioids, and how do they become problematic when taken over a period of time? 3) What is heroin, and why do those that use believe the myth that smoking or snorting heroin is safer than intravenous/injected use? 4) People often refer to people with addictions in a negative way. How can you communicate in a positive way that you are concerned that a person you love is experiencing addiction, and you feel they need help? 5) What are your thoughts on Naloxone (Narcan), and whether it should be distributed publicly?

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The post Health care.

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