How to make electronic medical record adoption easier for small practices

PreparationThe Capstone course is structured like an Independent Study or Thesis/Dissertation wherein the studentshould contact a faculty member prior to the semester in which they will take/conduct their CapstoneCourse/Project to discuss and begin to establish an acceptable project. Students should seek an instructorwhose research, interests, or experience, or technical skills align with the core of the project the student wishesto propose. It is recommended that students consider/develop projects that support their research interests orcareer goals. Projects that are situated within a student’s existing experience or work environment are often agood choice because they give the student insight into a real-world context for the project as well as access topotential data and stakeholders related to the project. Projects should be interdisciplinary in nature and shoulddemonstrate skills and knowledge acquired from multiple classes the student has taken in their degreeprogram. Students should communicate with a chosen faculty member to develop a project proposal whosescope is appropriate for a Capstone and the time available during the semester in which the Capstone willoccur.Preliminary ProposalPrior to submitting the official proposal to the advising faculty member who will be overseeing the Capstoneproject, students may submit a preliminary proposal for feedback from the faculty member. This allowsstudents to adjust and modify their project proposal before submitting the final proposal for evaluation andapproval. Use the Preliminary Proposal assignment submission link to submit any preliminary proposals youwould like feedback on unless directed otherwise by your advising faculty member.ProposalBefore submitting a final project proposal, students should have been in contact with their advising facultymembers to determine the expectations and scope of the project. Regular communication with the faculty memberto revise and structure the proposal is strongly recommended in order to successfully obtain approval of aproposed Capstone Project. Proposals should outline the what, why, how, and when of the project, as well asthe who and where appropriate. Proposals should clearly define the deliverables associated with the finalsubmission of the project as well as any intermediary milestone/checkpoint submissions. Project proposalsshould include a tentative timeline and discussion of how deliverables will be submitted to the advising facultymember. Use the Project Proposal assignment submission link to submit your final project proposal forapproval unless directed otherwise by your advising faculty member.

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The post How to make electronic medical record adoption easier for small practices

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