“Hypothetical Couple”

Compose a report about the factors that will influence the likelihood of their infantsurviving the first year of life as well as what factors put their child at risk.

Analyze the situation, think critically about what factors are involved and those that should be considered whentaking a position on whether or not this child will be another infant mortality statistic. Discuss infant mortalityrates and main causes of death during infancy.Identify the protective factors (things are favorable for healthy development) for this child based on thehypothetical couple description above.Identify the risk factors (things that are unfavorable for healthy development) for this child based on thishypothetical couple description above.Discuss how the factors you identified are related to infant mortality rates.Identify what other things must be considered that the hypothetical description did not address.State your opinion on whether or not you think this child would live to see his first birthday. Explain/support yourposition.

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The post “Hypothetical Couple”

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