Impact of marketing environments on health services marketing strategy

Understand impact of marketing environments on health services marketing strategyDevelop marketing objectivesApply marketing concepts of segmenting, targeting and positioning a health services marketDescribe a health services organization’s current marketing mix and suggest modifications based on marketing objectivesIdentify measurements to access the marketing plan’s impact on the health services organization.Demonstrate college-level research and writing skills commensurate with a 300-level course

Chose a specific health services organization. You can choose any health care organization that interests you. This can be because you work for the organization, would like to work for the organization, are a patient or client of the health services organization, or any other reason that will inspire you to examine the organization’s marketing efforts. Be sure you either are sufficiently knowledgeable about the organization or can gather information on the organization and its competitors. Since the focus in this course is on the health services patient/client, please do not chose health care insurance plans or pharmaceutical companies.

All of the following types of health care organizations are acceptable:

Community hospital

Academic hospital

Specialty hospital


Rehabilitation center

Urgent care facility

Physician practice

Dental practice

Home health care

Imaging services

Health advocacy organization

Hospice care

Medical equipment sales/rentals

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The post Impact of marketing environments on health services marketing strategy

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