Journal responses

There are “Journal” responses sprinkled. Thus, you will be required to respond to EACH of these responses with at least three to four well-written sentences, which demonstrate that you have thought deeply about it.

Journal: The state (Identify important terms in international relations)

Have you ever been granted anything through your state, such as a license, or had something done to you or your family by the state, such as an interaction with law enforcement? Explain what happened, and how it demonstrates the definition of a state.

Journal: Global Interdependence and Pluralism

Consider something that happened in your area that made people feel insecure, such as a natural disaster, economic problems, or crime. Analyze how this affected them, and whether or not this had a connection with other countries.

Journal: How Has the State Changed in Power?

Consider events of the last two hundred years. How do they help you comprehend how the governments of countries have gotten stronger or weaker since then?

Journal: Different Types of Sovereignty (four types of sovereignty)

Consider the ways in which your country is separate from others. How has the sovereignty of your country protected you from others or made you vulnerable to the outside world?

Journal: The European Union

Do you have any friends who reside in the European Union? Describe what they say about the EU, and analyze how much they like or do not like the European Union.

Journal: Nonstate Actors

Consider organizations in your community that are part of larger, international organizations, such as churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and others. Explain whether or not they bind people in your community with people elsewhere in the world, into something bigger. Explain your reasoning.

Journal: Interdependence

Consider the items you purchase such as a phone or tablet, clothing, toys, etc. Explain how the need for interdependence between countries makes it possible for you to purchase these items.

Journal: Causes of Globalization

Write about someone whom you know who comes from another country. What language do you use when communicating with them? Also, describe how you know them, such as family members, friends, neighbors or social media contacts. What are some influences this person has on your world view?

Journal: Forms of Globalization (economic and trade globalization, financial globalization, political globalization, military globalization, cultural globalization, environmental globalization, and criminal globalization)

Think about the ways in which you or others in your circle of family and friends have dealt with people from other countries. Rank the reasons that brought them together: money, friendship, shared interest, military service, or moving to a new country.

Journal: Periods of Globalization (Recount the five waves of globalization)

Talk to your parents, other older family members, or a teacher about interactions with people from other countries. Analyze the differences between them and your personal interactions with people from other countries. Likewise, if one or neither of you have had little or no contact, explain how this may affect your global perception.

Journal: Resistance to Globalization

Think about conversations that you’ve had with other people about globalization. Describe reasons they had to be suspicious of it, and analyze how strong those reasons were.

Journal: Three Views of Globalization (the hyperglobalizers and transformationalists, the weak globalizers, and the skeptics and rejectionists)

Explain how globalization affects you and those around you. Provide examples of your experiences to illustrate how they relate to the three views of globalization.

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