Learning Style Assessment

While a case study will often ask the researcher to compile data and statistics to help do a formal evaluationand create a treatment plan, a more concise and simplified form is sometimes used by social workerscriminologists, legal workers or educators to assess a situation.Assignment: Your task is to take the results of your Learning Styles Assessment, Visual 35% and Tactile 35%and apply it to the case study. You will be the subject.*Use third person for the subject of the case study as you write this and treat yourself as an observer/analyst.*Use critical thinking and storytelling techniques in the case study by using what you have learned from writingin previous rhetorical modes and implementing them in the problem solution format.*Citations will be in APA Style.*Use at least one outside source to support your diagnosis and recommendation*Cite the location of the Learning Test.Use APA Style headings to mark sections of your paper.Case Study Sections ReviewThe design is person (description) + Problem (past learning experience) + Solution (Plan to address problembased on what your assessment revealed)

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