Life in a state-level society

Many early state-level societies across the globe and the evidence of how human lifeways changed after the “Urban Revolution”. As a member of a state-level society today, consider how you experience the benefits and costs of this in your own life.

For your discussion post, address each of the following questions/prompts about one aspect of living in a state-level society (e.g., adhering to daylight savings time, voting, etc.) that provides both benefits and costs in your life:

Does the one aspect of life in a state-level society that you thought of reflect or relate closely to one of the five features of state-level society listed below* (as introduced in Lecture 5.1: States & the Urban Revolution – note this is a subset of Childe’s original list described in the lecture)? If so, which one?Describe one benefit and one cost that you experience due to this aspect** of life in a state-level society. (** Be sure that you have identified and described the specific aspect of life in a state-level society on which you are focusing in your post as well!)Would future archaeologists find evidence of the benefit and cost you describe? Explain why or why not.

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