Machiavelli “The Qualities of the Prince”

Journal Response

This will be your thoughtful first person response to the text. Do not write a book report that regurgitates what the piece says. What did you glean/learn from the piece? What is your interpretation and analysis? How is it applicable to today’s times? Can you find any correlations between this piece and other pieces you’ve read of viewed in our class thus far?

Pre-reading QuestionsQuestions for Critical Reading 1-5Book: Jacobus, Lee. A World of Ideas, 10th edition.Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2017Calendar Questions:Define the terms ends and means, and explain why they areCompare Machiavelli’s advice with the behavior of a specific politician – past or present.Under what political circumstances might the ends justify the means?

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The post Machiavelli “The Qualities of the Prince”

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