Macroeconomic indicators

• Choose ONE of the countries below to write a report• Weight: This task is worth 40% of your overall grade for this subject.• Part of the session of Week 4 will be dedicated as a tutoring session: you will be able to ask the professor for advice on your project.Assignment Launch: Week 1.Submission: Week 4 – Via Moodle (Turnitin). Submission will be accepted all Week 4: From the 16th until the 23rd of August at 23:59hrs (Barcelona’s time).Formalities:• Wordcount: 1000 words• You may want to include images/graphics etc. (for example from their website) to make your reasoning and argumention more visual and explicative• Font: Arial. Size: 12,5pts. Line spacing: 1,5. Text align: Justified.• Appendices and References, do not count towards the final wordcount but are strongly recommended (referencing websites, articles, books etc.)• The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation styleCHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TOPICSThe economic crisis of 2008-09 and its effectsBuilt on the acquired theoretical and practical macroeconomic knowledge of the first half of the semester you are required to write a report describing the effects of the economiccrisis started in 2008 in one of the following countries:• United States• China• Spain• Germany• United KingdomThe report should include the following sections:• Cover Page: Title, Course, Name of Student• Table of Contents• Section 1. (30%) Provide general information about the situation of the country using the main macroeconomic indicators (GDP growth, unemployment rate, inflation,current account balance…) before and after the crisis (for the time period of 2007 to 2017) and analyze the effects the crisis based on the data you collect from reliablesourceso This section must include a written explanation and the presentation of the data should be done using charts and graphs.• Section 2. (40%) During the 2008 crisis, each of these countries applied a different strategy to prevent a fall of aggregate demand. Indicate these policies adopted by thecountry of your choice and explain if these policies were efficient• Section 3. (30%) Provide actual data of the main macroeconomic variables about the current situation of the country (for the time period of 2017 to 2019 or from 2019)and analyze the future challenges of the country.• BibliographyRECOMMENDED SOURCES:• Data: Eurostat• Information: European Commission• Data: or national data (national statistical institute / Central Bank)

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