Managers Role

Think of an experience where you received or observed excellent quality. You may have had this experience asa customer, as a patient, as a provider, or as an employee.Instructions:Refer to pages 209-210 in your textbook (Kelly, D.L. (2011) Applying Quality Management in Healthcare: ASystems Approach. (3rd ed.). Health Administration Press. ISBN-13: 978-1567933765) for this exercise.Download the Manager’s Role Table to complete the exercise.As you complete the table, you will answer the following questions:Describe the factors that made this an excellent experience and how you felt as a result of this experience.Using the list of management functions listed in Chapter 1 as a guide, include a description of management’sinfluence on your experience.Do the same for a situation in which you experienced poor quality.Save your table as Last Name_First Initial_WK1Discussion.docx or .doc

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