Managing, Organizing & Negotiating for Value   Essat

Compare various tactics used in negotiation strategy providing details of each strategy as to application, innovation, balance, desired result, and overall best use of tactic. Judge best methods to prepare and assess desired effects using negotiation preparation, research, and application techniques. Describe and defend best practice in the overall management and organization of negotiation of various types of exchanges. Using a union contract as the event, describe what research and preparations are necessary to build a solid strategy, create a good exchange of data, build a solid organizational focus, develop a logical and comprehensive series of conclusions based on ultimate results, and provide a clear measurement path for both parties to vision best outcomes for all parties. Using the previous scenario descriptors, establish a table for the following events: Hostage release; Divorce; Employment Contracts; Mortgage; Car Purchase; Raise. Assess for each of the previous events the critical balance of power issues outlining what unique solution for both parties is a “win-win” agreement. Finally assess what makes for the payoff of value, what definition is used for value, how is value derived, how can negotiations help clarify what value should be mutual to both parties, and why and where should value be positioned in the negotiating process.

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