Marriage Today” video from 1950 have ideas about marriage changed over the last four generations?For this discussion post I would like you to watch the 1950 “social education” video linked above (about 22minutes in length). Social education films were widely used in American schools for many years. These filmsalso explored sensitive personal topics such as hygiene, social skills, dating, and marriage. The most famoussocial education film taught children what to do in the event of a nuclear attack (you may have seen that video,which advised children to “duck and cover”).These films grew out of a traditional mindset- the idea that there is a correct way to behave, and right andwrong ways of functioning in society. You will immediately notice the lack of diversity in this film, and you willsee other elements that may seem dated or very different from our times. The modern mindset in the UnitedStates generally embraces individual differences and the idea that there can be more than one correct way ofliving or fulfilling a social role (such as husband or wife). However, for this assignment your job is to learn aboutand reflect on the view of marriage reflected in this film.

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The post Marriage Today” video from 1950

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