Nursing PICOT related Discussion Board Writing

Please write responses to each of the four questions listed below for Module 7 Discussion Board:

Choose a problem or issue that you anticipate within your future advanced nursing role. Describe the problem in approximately five sentences.Next, based on the problem described in question one, formulate a clinical/practice question using the “Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, Time (PICOT)” format. This question will drive the literature search for your issue.To support and assist in choosing and writing your PICOT in question one (1) of this discussion board, a minimum of 6-10 articles with at least one article being a quantitative design should have been reviewed. List the articles here as a response to this question three (3). The articles should be in alphabetical order and each article should be listed as a full reference using the APA (2020) format.Choose one of the articles cited in question three (#3) of this discussion board that is a quantitative article and discuss the relationship of your selected quantitative article to your PICOT practice/clinical question.

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