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You are asked to participate in online discussions every Friday (except the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 27th) for a total of 14 Fridays starting September 4thand ending on December 11thover the course of the semester. Each online discussion will be comprised of you answering ONE of the two questions below for a total of 100+ words. You are required to input the word count of all your post at the bottom of each submitted weekly post. Failure to do so will be an automatic score of 0. Here is the discussion rubric for how you will be evaluated.The start date each week is Friday and your one post is due that Saturday by 11:59 pm CDT. Your Week 4 post is available for you to complete starting on Friday, September 25th, and is due by Saturday, September 26that 11:59 pm CDT.Week 4 Topic: Smartphones Are Designed to Be AddictingIt’s not you. Phones are designed to be addicting. (Links to an external site.)Questions (answer one of the two questions below for a total of 100+ words):1.Is it ethical for tech companies to design smartphones in such a purposefully addicting way?2.Do you plan to try out any of the video’s suggested techniques for limiting smartphone usage? Why or why not?

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