Operations Supply Chain Management

Access the Pearson MyOMLab per the instructions located in the Course Information folder, titled: MyOMLab Student Guide. Carefully review the simulation’s

introductory information and instructions, as these results will influence your grade by 10%.

After completing the simulation, capture a screen image of your final simulation results, which are to be included in your critical thinking operations

management assignment as an appendix item.

The operations supply chain management assignment content must include the following:Introduction: Explain the purpose or thesis of the paper and explain how the body of the paper is arranged to support the purpose of the paper.Provide a brief definition of supply chain management and identify why it is important in an organization’s operations.Provide a brief overview description of the supply chain management simulation.Describe your strategy for performing the supply chain management simulation.Describe at least three operations supply chain management methods, principles, or techniques experienced in the supply chain management simulation.Itemize at least three lessons learned from the supply chain management simulation.Conclusion: Present a recap of key points and summary of main emphasis without repeating verbatim and exclusive of new information.References: Include at least two current scholarly references (published within the past five years) in addition to the course text. The CSU-Global Library is

a good place to find these references.Appendix: Supply chain management simulation results. The appendix page should be its own page after your reference page, with the header: Appendix—with your

screenshot below.Submit your Critical Thinking assignment document(s) to the module submissions area established for this purpose. Per the assignment rubric, a portion of your

evaluation is based on your simulation results.

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