Police Leadership

Dishonest behaviour in examinations is not permitted. The academy will impose disciplinary measures on students, including dismissal, with a permanent record on the transcript.

CLO1 Define Leadership and Management – identify similarities and differences and applicability of both to Policing in UAE.CLO2 Define power and influence in the context of leadership, formal v informalCLO3 Explain difference between coaching and mentoring and how these support Police Leadership, staff development and Continuous Professional Development

Question 1 (LO1) (15 marks): Outline the main functions and roles of both a manager and a leader and explain with an example of each. * you must reference your source of information.

Question 2 (LO1) (15 marks): Outline the key similarities between the characteristics of leaders and managers. * You must reference your source of information

Question 3 (LO2) (15 marks): Outline as many key components as possible for both formal and informal power. *You must reference your source of information

Question 4 (LO2) (15 marks): Describe the character traits that a person with a high degree of informal power within their workplace is likely to possess.

Question 5 (LO3) (20 marks): Outline the key characteristics of both coaching and mentoring relationships. *You must reference your source of information

Question 6 (LO3) (20 marks): Describe how both coaching or mentoring relationships benefit the continuous professional development of staff. * You must reference your source of information

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